True stories

People who met Michael Jackson share their stories on how he affected them, how he healed them, how he changed them...



On the plane     In Australia´s Hospital     David Smithee     Christmas Party For Orphans     The Day I Met My Hero     Restoration In Neverland     Once Upon A Time    Dinner With Michael     Ryan White     (Another) Boy With AIDS    Always Humble     Michael In Oman    Moon River     Bela Farkas     Angelic Eyes      Driver Gokor     Uri Geller about MJ    In Search Of Neverland    In Ormond Street Hospital     Michael And Photography    Michael as a Farmer    David Pack about MJ    Dance and Weddings   Donna Ashlock     Flight Over Brazilia    One Day at Liseberg    MJ & the Walters Family    Craig & Michael Flemings    Michael and the Dentist    Magical Michael    Tim´s Dinner with Michael    Tabitha Messick meets MJ    Michael and Mrs. Ma Family    Sam Parity remembers MJ    Dave Dave    Stories from "The Wiz"    Peacemaker at 30,000 feet     Michael In India     Nisha Kataria     Two Michael Jacksons     MJ in Netherlands     David Sonnet     Michael saved his sister´s husband from suicide     Cascio Family     Michael the Driver    MJ and Kim Jong Il     Little Michael as a Babysitter     A Major Moment     Michael and China Airlines     Bob Giraldi on directing "Beat It"     You felt like God was within him     Prasadam dinners     MJ lifts a child with brain tumor    Concert in Moscow     Celine´s Art     Remembering Michael    My Brush With Badness     An Evening With Michael     South Africa´s Children Hospital   Michael the Driver    Journey of Wolf Family    Michael in Hawaii    Amanda Porter    Polish Girl Marielle      The Effect of a A Song      Michael Jackson Dances Hora at Bar Mitzvah      Bucharest´s Orphanage       Michael Jackson Tried To End 50 Cent/ Game Beef        Two days with Michael Aboriginal College      Homeless people

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True Michael Jackson