The Greatest Of All

A few days after his death, a reporter was on one of the American TV shows. She said that when Michael died, she had been on a news assignment in a very remote part of the world, they heard about his death but did not think so much about it considering where they were. It was so remote that she and her film crew could only go by car and then they had to get out and walk the rest of the way over very rocky terrain. They had a local village man working for them as a guide and interpreter. After walking for some time, he turned to her and said, "It´s very sad, isn´t it?" She replied, "What is very sad?" And he said: "Michael Jackson" She later reflected, that it was in that moment on an isolated mountain in a remote part of the world, looking at a poor farmer who probably never traveled more than 100 miles from where he was born, did she realized who Mihael Jackson really was... THE MOST FAMOUS MAN IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.






True Michael Jackson