On Death And Immortality



"I don't want to die. I want to live forever."

Michael Jackson, 2002



"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with."

Michael Jackson in his Oxford University speech, 2001



MJ: I don´t want a long (life). I don´t like, I don´, I don´t. I think growing old is the ugliest, the most, the ugliest thing. When the body breaks down and you start to wrinkle, I think it´s so bad. I don´t , that´s something I don´t understand, Schmuley. And I never want to look in the mirror and see that. I don´t understand it. I really don´t. And people say that growing old is beautiful and this and that. I disagree. I totally do.

SB: So do want to die before that happens?

MJ: Um... I don´t want to grow old. I would like to get...

SB: What if you could stay young in spirit, Michael?

MJ: Yeah, that´s important to me.

SB: You may have wrinkles, but don´t you want to see Prince and Paris grow up?

MJ: Yes, I do.

SB: Don´t you want to see their children?

MJ: I just don’t want to look old and start forgetting. I want to always be youthful and have the energy to run around and play hide and seek, which is one of my favorite games. I wanted to play it so badly at your house the last time we were there ´cause you have a nice big house for it. Um, I hate to see people grow old, Schmuley.

SB: Haven´t you seen people who grew old but kept their youthfulness? They behaved like they were still young?

MJ: Yeah, when they have a youthfull heart, I love that. When they start to forget and wrinkle, (and) their body parts break down, it hurts me.


SB: Are you afraid of death?

MJ: Yes.

SB: We all are.

MJ: I always said I want to be buried right where there are children. I want them next to me. I would feel safer that way. I want them next to me. I need their spirit protecting me. I always see that in my mind and I see myself and I hate to see it. I see myself and I see children laying there to protect me.

Michael Jackson in conversation with Rabi Schmuley Botteach



"I don´t want to be burried. I want to live forever."

Michael Jackson in "Living with Michael Jackson" when Martin Bashir asks him about sarcophagus



"Who wants mortality? Everybody wants immortality. You want what you create to live! Be it sculpting, painting, music, composition. That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work because I just want it to live forever and just give all that I have." 

Michael Jackson



"Michael Jackson had a probing mind, and many times we talked about life after death. Once we discussed Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity, which states that energy cannot be destroyed. My friend has died but he is a pure energy source now, and that will live forever. (...)  Michael and I discussed life after death on several occasions and I know he believed that our souls are indestructible. Our energy lives after us."

Uri Geller



Are You Listening?

Who am I?
Who are you?
Where did we come from?
Where are we going?
What's it all about?
Do you have the answers?

Immortality's my game
From Bliss I came
In Bliss I am sustained
To Bliss I return
If you don't know it now
It's a shame
Are you listening?

This body of mine
Is a flux of energy
In the river of time
Eons pass, ages come and go
I appear and disappear
Playing hide-and-seek
In the twinkling of an eye

I am the particle
I am the wave
Whirling at lightning speed
I am the fluctuation
That takes the lead
I am the Prince
I am the Knave
I am the doing
That is the deed
I am the galaxy, the void of space
In the Milky Way
I am the craze

I am the thinker, the thinking, the thought
I am the seeker, the seeking, the sought
I am the dewdrop, the sunshine, the storm
I am the phenomenon, the field, the form
I am the desert, the ocean, the sky
I am the Primeval Self
In you and I

Pure unbounded consciousness
Truth, existence, Bliss am I
In infinite expressions I come and go
Playing hide-and-seek
In the twinkling of an eye
But immortality's my game

Eons pass
Deep inside
I remain
Ever the same
From Bliss I came
In Bliss I am sustained

Join me in my dance
Please join me now
If you forget yourself
You'll never know how
This game is played
In the ocean bed of Eternity

Stop this agony of wishing
Play it out
Don't think, don't hesitate
Curving back within yourself
Just create...just create

Immortality's my game
From Bliss I came
In Bliss I'm sustained
To Bliss I return
If you don't know it now
It's a shame
Are you listening?


Michael Jackson´s poem from his book "Dancing The Dream", 1992

"I will never be sad if I leave this world, because I know I will be in a better place. The only thing I care about is that people stop thinking that I did something wrong. I love the kids, and disgusting lies almost killed me. When I die, all [the] money I have will go to my children and other children of the world."

Michael Jackson according to Frank Cascio



"I am sorry. He was an extremely sensitive human being...and the injustices ultimately killed him.

I don’t think his heart and wisdom was enough to win the battle over the evil that pursued him throughout his life."

Karen Faye @wingheart Dec 20 2018


Earth Song - the last song that Michael Jackson ever sang, June 24th 2009, a few hours before his death:


“When Michael died, the world came to a halt.  News broadcasts were interrupted, traffic came to a standstill, and people left their homes and took to the streets as if pulled by some invisible force, or maybe just a desperate need for support and togetherness.  They grabbed sheets of cardboard to craft signs of love or placed balloons and flowers at locations he had visited.  Many lit candles in front of framed photos in their living rooms, and celebrities, world leaders, and ordinary people alike poured their hearts out…shock, disbelief, pain…Michael Jackson?   Dead…gone forever.  In all countries, on all continents, people mourned his passing.  No matter race, creed, social status, ethnicity or origin, people were joined in the process of missing him.  This is the impact Michael Jackson had on the world.

[T.S. You were here and you are not.  That’s  it.  It’s not making a difference.]  And, in the end, I want to thank you.  I want to thank you because through your actions, your callousness, and your hate, you have shown me exactly who I do not want to be.

I choose kindness, forgiveness, serenity and compassion, and most of all, I choose love every single time.  MICHAEL TAUGHT ME THAT.”

Sandra Sasvari


People mourning Michael Jackson´s death all over the planet:


"The image of my son as a little boy is the portrait that i have in my mind when i think of him.
I think of my son all through the day, all the time, and I don't like to talk about him because I get all choked up.
Sometimes during the day, I can hear his laughter in my mind.
Thank you very much fans, we all love you. And if Michael was here, he would say, 'I love you more.'"

Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson´s Public Memorial:


“His death teaches the world about condemnation and judgment. It proved our society's unnatural fear of anything that's different. He illuminated basic prejudices like gender and skin color. He exposed our need to topple those we once adored; our need to witness the brightest star, highest achiever, fall to the depths of what must have been a living hell. We imposed our perversions on the pure of heart – a modern day televised witch hunt. He seemed to be androgynous, from when he was a young male and female sides a mixture of both. Although he has an aggressive masculine delivery he could also flow and present ambiguity -definitely had that magic, which seemed to be a kind of naturalness a blessing for which to see the world through - and made his appeal so broad —In some cultures this otherness is celebrated, some forbidden -for an entertainer there are less rigid perceptions --For being raised a Jehovah's Witness ... and secular performer with a pluralistic POV it must have been challenging -The facts are: he was a supernatural phenomenon - and it's incalculable to realize how much joy that music, if you put together all those hours of people listening and dancing to it, has given the world.”
David LaChapelle speaking with FLAUNT Magazine in September of 2009 


The day Michael Jackson died - June 25th 2009, social media Twitter, Wikipedia and AOL IM all collapsed at 3:15 pm exact. Twitter reported that 15% of tweets, which was 5000 per minute, mentioned Michael Jackson.




The clothes that Michael Jackson was laid to rest in:



Michael Jackson´s Tomb:

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