Antonia Lawrence 14/02/2019
Hi everyone,
I am from Romania.I remember when I was around 5th grade I watched the news ,Michael passed away.I heard a few songs,but I wasn’t a fan.After that I decided to give it a try.I wanted to listen to his albums.I was astonished and I felt like I have to learn more about him.He was the kindest nicest person that I have ever heard about. When I was searching on the internet about his life I found a lot of articles in English so I decided that I am going to learn English for him.And here I am,speaking English,I had a really big motivation,something was pushing me forward.when I think about this angel,because he was really an angel I still cry,his music can not be replaced,but he is in much better place,living peaceful and happy as he always deserved.

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Antonia Lawrence 14/02/2019
P.S. The website you created is amazing.Shows the true side of him.Thank you❣️

well that nickname tho

Smooth Criminal Heilix 07/02/2019
Hello!! I have just discovered that website and love it!!!!Thank you for all these information. Michael Jackson was in our culture but I hadn't paid attention as much as I am doing right now. I didn't know he would sketch. And.. Guess what? I also do! It woıuld be so nice to meet you. Wish ya nice days!

Re: well that nickname tho

Kiwi 14/02/2019
Thank you! And have nice days too!


Kiwi 01/02/2019
Hello World, Hello People!

This website has been running for about seven years without offering you space to express your thoughts and feelings. And I wanted it that way. However, today, I decided to open space for you to write down your comments and maybe even share your own stories or experiences with Michael Jackson.
You may contact me via email too.

Please, behave politely :-) Thank you!

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