Message Hidden In Art


Stephen King collaborated on the 1996 short Ghosts. The film tells the story of a Maestro with supernatural power, who wants to rush away a crowd of people led by a mayor who uncompromisingly condemns everything that differs from his ideas of normality. It is Michael's reaction to how society sees him and how he is treated by representatives of so-called justice (namely Tom Sneddon) and the media. Michael Jackson plays five characters.

Pictured below is Michael Jackson with a mask created for his role as mayor. The man on the right is Clarence Strider, a racist sheriff who allowed the escape of justice after the gasification of 14-year-old black boy Emmett Till. The cause of the lynch was the accusation of a white shop assistant who said the boy had bothered her during the purchase. Emmet Till was then brutally beaten, maimed, shot and thrown into the river by the assistant's husband and his half-brother. The murderers were not punished by the court, a jury consisting of only white men liberated them. They later confessed to the act. Like the saleswoman, she admitted that her testimony was not true.

Michael Jackson's REAL story behind THREATENED 

Michael Jacksons Song THREATENED contains excerpts from Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone", an american television anthology series. Jackson refers in THREATENED to some significant Twilight Zone episodes. Significant for his past, present and future. Each episode is a mixture of fantasy, science fiction, suspens or horror, often concluding
with a macabre or unexpected Twist . The summary of this excerpts Michael Jackson selected for the song are piece - by - piece like a biography of his public character.

Episode I. "IT'S A GOOD LIFE!"


"ABOUT TO EMBARK" is an excerpt from The Twilight Zone episode "The Bard".
It's very interesting that this episode reflects the controversy about the Cascio tracks on the MICHAEL Album. By the way, unfortunately I can't say for sure that there is in fact Michael Jacksons voice on this songs or not. I wish I could. But remember: even in THREATENED he experimented alot with the sound and his voice.

"The Bard" - Pt. II.


"In His Image" - Pt. III.


Judgement Night Pt V. (part IV isn´t available)


At times -- especially after 1993 -- Michael Jackson was dealing with mass hysteria and the fear of the unfamiliar around his public persona.  Jackson made a clear point in his short -- film "Michael Jacksons -- Ghosts". The villagers -- the public - from a place called Normal Valley, are scared of the Maestro (Michael Jackson)  because he doesn't fit their definition of "normal". And they want to drive him out of town because of that fear. Just like the characters act in the Twilight Episode "The Fear". They do not know what the point of her fear exactly is. It is probably too much imagination.

The only problem is: What is fear all about?
"The major ingredient of any recipe for fear is the unknown." Michael Jackson was a master in many fields: But how is it possible, that the world's greatest entertainer can be at the same time a synonym for the unknown.
"It depends on, who must look up and who can look down". I really think it's the perfect episode for Michael Jackson for his song THREATENED. And I think it's not a coincidence that he made a deliberate choice to make it clearer for us to understand what he's singing about.
The only option to understand what he wants to tell us is "to look at it (his music) in layers you understand it better."

The Fear-Pt. VI.



True Michael Jackson